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Mountains in Clouds

Session 2 June 15

We started with Gratitude Circle (sharing something we are thankful for). Then we discussed today's topic: Cradle to Cradle Design for the products we use. We listed all the resources needed to make a breakfast bar. Some of the resources included: soil, sun, water, peanut seeds, machines for collecting peanuts and creating peanut butter, electricity and humans to run the machines, trees for the cardboard box, plastic (petroleum oil) for the bag it comes in, more gas to transport it to the store and then home. That doesn't include the cocoa beans for chocolate or sugar cane and several other ingredients.

Then we split into groups for a Burger Relay. They had time to discuss with their team how many gallons of water they thought it might take to make each part of a burger and then raced to get the right amount of water matched up with that part of the burger. The correct answers were: 11 gal. per bun, 1.5 gal. for piece of lettuce, 3 gal. for tomato slice, 56 gal. for cheese, 616 gallons for meat. We talked about why some parts used more water than other parts.

Then we did gardening class with Ms. Melissa. She talked about the importance of nutrients like calcium and potassium for plants. Then the explorers helped grind up fresh chicken egg shells and add it to the garden for extra calcium. Then they poured potassium water (a banana peel soaking in water) to the plants as well.

After washing hands, and enjoying a snack break, we resumed today's topic with a game of Bingo. Their bingo boards were empty and they needed to pick an item, think of all the resources that go into making that item and fill them in on their board. No matter what item they chose (from apples to shoes) they all ended up with very similar resources (seeds, soil, water, electricity, gasoline, machines made of metals mined from the earth, etc). Then we played two rounds of bingo and they crossed off a resource on their board as I called it out.

Next we played "What is it made of?" capture the flag. Just like regular capture the flag but if you are tagged you have to come to me and answer a "Name one resource needed to make blue jeans"

After cooling off and taking a water break, we planned out a tshirt to design and make that would tell the "Life Cycle of a product". They got to choose whatever item/product they wanted and think about its "life" from beginning to end: what raw materials/resources are needed, how is it made, transported, and after you are done with it....where does it go? Did your item make a complete cycle or did it end up in the landfill? Unfortunately, even after possibly reusing it, it will most likely eventually end up in the landfill. I hope this got them thinking about how many resources are needed to create products and that companies should be thinking about what happens to a product after it is used.

Then they got their t-shirts and drew the product cycle on one side and anything they wanted on the other side.

Lastly, we ate lunch, went to a new part of the creek with clay and some exploreres made clay bowls. Other explorers opened a flooded bakery with mud cakes and pies for sale. We also saw a school of tiny minnows. Then we talked a little bit about the plot of their original play. We will need to write more of the play tomorrow so we can start practicing soon! :)


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