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Recycled Seed Paper...

As we journey to South America, we will visit the Amazon and the AMAZING wildlife there. We will also look at deforestation...what is causing it and how can we make a difference. We will then make Seed Paper (recycled paper with seeds sprinkled in). Thus, creating something that we can use and that gives back to nature rather than only taking from it. .

Hamsa Hunt...

Hamsa is the image of an open palm with the eye in the middle. It is found throughout the Middle East and Africa and used by Jews and Muslims for protection from evil. For the campers, the Hamsa Hunt will be an interactive story in which the forest is under attack from dark energy that wants to eat all the trees .... and its up to us to save it! They will each get a clue that leads to a part of a map that put together makes the whole. Then using a compass and map, find the Hamsa and hang it up to help protect Little Rose Forest. the forest. I will take pictures of the adventure as it unfolds during camp and post them here and facebook.

Delta Jean's Basket...

Here is the beginning of DJ's basket weaving...If she keeps going it might get big enough to carry something in. We did one with a loom and warp first ( the orange and green jute yarn) and then a coiled basket which can be traced to many cultures and regions including the Middle East (3rd day of Asia) -which is where we will look at and make this type basket. The one on the grass was hers and the all brown one in the middle is mine, which I will keep working on. Campers will sit by the creek to work on these or if not interested play/explore nearby. Here is a link to the process for making a coiled basket:

Ring of Fire and Mount Merapi

As we visit the Ring of Fire, we will be learning about how volcanoes form (with a quick visual of the theory of plate tectonics) and the parts of the volcano. I wanted to make sure the kiddos will be able to see inside. Therefore, it opens up to show each part. The magma chamber is at the bottom (but is not will need to be positioned lower into the earth's crust) holding the magma that leads to the main vent and a secondary cone that will spew lava out the side. Lastly the crater is at the top represented by the funnel. We will label these and talk about what causes an eruption. Then we will have a chemistry demonstration between vinegar (acid) and baking soda (base)!!! We will

50% Sibling Discount Info...

If you plan on signing up more than one child, email us at exploring1e and we will send you the Promo Code for 50% off Siblings.

Testing out activities

To test out activities for the camp I have been getting my 6 year old daughter Delta Jean to be the "guinea pig". We made dot art of Uluru, Australia and are building Mount Merapi Volcano for Indonesia...which will open up for an inside view and then spew lava!!! I still need to test the sulfur chemistry demonstration of why Mount Ijen's lava appears bright blue... so more to come....

The beautiful Little Rose Nature School

Very excited to have Little Rose Nature School host our camp! If you don't know about Melissa and her awesome school, check them out at or on facebook!!!

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