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Summer Camp Information

Drop Off/Pick Up

  • The driveway can be difficult to see the first time you come out to the property. Look for the Little Rose Sign by the road.


Drop off is from 8:20 am-8:40 am.  Pick up is 1:50-2:10. If you are interested in coordinating a carpool with other campers email us to connect you with parents in your area.


  • The driveway is a one way road. When arriving, please pull in front of the Stop sign (with enough room to your left for cars to pass), wait for the light to turn green before driving down the road. 

  • As you drive, the road will fork. Take the right to enter a field with the greenhouse. This is where you can pick up your child and loop around to leave or park. ***See map below

  • When leaving, stop at the telephone pole until light is green.



  • Pick up will be the same procedure at 1:50-2:10 pm 

IMG_20230301_174642508 (1).jpg
  • Lunch and Snack- Campers will need to bring their own lunch and snack.

  • Water Bottle- Please bring water so we can stay hydrated  

  • Clothes- We will be hiking outdoors and getting dirty so wear comfortable mess clothes. In addition, a change of clothes with a plastic bag is one likes to be soggy for hours. Shoes- We will be walking through woods, meadows and creeks so please wear closed-toe shoes. We will play and cool off in the creek each day so a change of flip flops or Croc type shoes are best (river shoes are fine too).

  • Back Pack or Bag- to carry the above items in 

  • Please put Sunscreen and Bug Spray on before drop off. There will be extra in the First Aid area if you need to reapply.

What Campers Need to Bring:

Inclement Weather Policy:

  • Exploring the Earth Summer Camp will continue rain or shine. We have spaces to help keep us cool and dry.

  • We will have our cellphones with us at all times. Call 706-224-4495 to reach Maria and 706-255-8528 to reach Melissa. We will have your emergency contact info as well to call you.

In the Case of an Emergency:

Little Rose Nature Adventures
2421 Elder Mill Rd,

Watkinsville GA 30677

706-224-4495 for Maria

706-255-8528 for Melissa

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