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Day 10 (Africa) 2nd session...

We started with a game of Ampe. Then we went inside to "visit" the Nile River and learn about the Egyptians. We discussed how papyrus was made. Then we looked at hieroglyphs at Luxor Temple and stamped our name on papyrus in hieroglyphs. We visited Côte d'Ivoire where nearly half the world's cocoa beans come from and talked about Fair Trade Chocolate (how farmer's get a fairer percentage of profit for their hard work). We then ate chocolate covered strawberries dipped in melted fair trade chocolate. We learned 1 version of the game Mancala (there are several slightly different versions). We also sanded , tuned and decorated our own kalimbas. A bit later, we discussed KAZA Conservation Area a

Day 9 (South America) 2nd Session...

We first played Corre Corre (Run, Run). Then we went to the Amazon Rain Forest to learn about the amazing Biodiversity there. We also talked about deforestation and ways we can help (T.R.E.E.S. T-teach others about the importance of the environment R- restore damaged ecosystems by planting and protecting trees E- encourage living in a way that doesn't permanently destroy habitats E- encourage the establishment of parks to protect forests and wildlife S- support companies that are conscious of their effect on the environment). Then we made our own recycled seed paper that can be written on. It will grow flowers if watered and planted under one-quarter-inch layer of soil. Then we ate tama

Day 8 (Europe Part 2) of 2nd Session...

We started with a game of Croquet out on the lawn, went to Bremen in Germany for a play of The Bremen Town Musicians. We visited Finland and discussed some of their crazy sporting events like boot throwing, wife carrying and air guitar championships. Then we had our own boot throwing competition. We had a snack from the Netherlands called Hagelslag. With all the cultural traditions and theories we talk about, I make sure to emphasize to the kids that there are many ideas in this world and it is important to be exposed to all of them so you can find your truth to live by and cultivate a respect for other’s beliefs as well. Then we hiked to the creek. When we came back we talked about the Bri

Day 7 (North America) of 2nd session...

In the morning we talked about July 4th 1776, the Statue of Liberty and played a Relay Race related to it. Then we talked about the Cherokee Indians and their culture as well as hunting rituals and efficient use of the animal they killed. Then we went to the woods to look for branches to make our own bow and arrows. We came back to the art studio to smooth our bow and arrows with sandpaper and make notches to add the string for our bows. We took them outside to practice shooting through hoops. We also talked about the Native American’s plant medicine and tasted mint tea (used for stomach aches and headaches....but also refreshing on a hot summer day like today). We also had popcorn for snack

Day 6 of 2nd Session (Italy, France, Spain)

We started the day with a game of Petanque or Bocce Ball. Then we studied the different types of Greek Urns and made observations of how most urns show a picture of their gods/goddesses, a scene from an epic story such as the Iliad or Odyssey, or a part of their everyday life (like washing clothes or picking olives). Then we designed our own black-figure greek urns that depicted a part of our modern life. Next we watched a short video of the Greek myth Icarus and Daedulus and played a version of Icarus vs. the Sun and Water tag. We had Gazpacho and crackers for snack. Then we went to Italy for the Italian Renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci. We looked at some of his inventions (including his c

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