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Mountains in Clouds

Ring of Fire and Mount Merapi

As we visit the Ring of Fire, we will be learning about how volcanoes form (with a quick visual of the theory of plate tectonics) and the parts of the volcano. I wanted to make sure the kiddos will be able to see inside. Therefore, it opens up to show each part. The magma chamber is at the bottom (but is not will need to be positioned lower into the earth's crust) holding the magma that leads to the main vent and a secondary cone that will spew lava out the side. Lastly the crater is at the top represented by the funnel. We will label these and talk about what causes an eruption. Then we will have a chemistry demonstration between vinegar (acid) and baking soda (base)!!! We will also "visit" Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava! It occurs because of a chemical reaction (burning sulfur) which we will also have a small demonstration of.

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