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Mountains in Clouds

Session 1 May 28

After Gratitude Circle, we went straight into painting and making paint from rocks. Explorers collected rocks from the creek to test out smashing into a powder using a mortar and pestel. Then they a choose a binder (egg yolk or elmers glue) to add to the powder until it was the consistency of paint. Some explorers also painted with watercolor paints while waiting to smash and grind rocks.

Then we opened the final chest of the week that revealed a foodchain of endangered species. The explorers each got a bag of native Butterfly Milkweed seeds to help the Monarch population. The Monarchs are also prey for the Black-eared mouse which is then prey for the endangered Black-footed ferret. They all adopted a black footed ferret through World Wildlife Fund. The Black-footed ferret is also prey for the endangered Red wolf (which they also adopted through the National Wildlife Federation). So their reward for all their challenges and focused learning this week was helping a complete food chain of mostly endangered species (the Black-eared mouse's conservation status is not a concern).

Then they worked on finishing their play "Peacelandia" and we practiced acting it out.

After lunch, at the creek, most explorers opened a "shop" for bartering and trading natural treasures found nearby.

Lastly, they performed their play for family and friends.


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