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Mountains in Clouds

May 30- June 3 Day 3

We started with a Gratitude Circle and sharing something we are thankful for. Today's continent was Africa so we started with a game of Ampe (jump twice and pick a foot to put out in front of you, if it matches the leader's foot they get a point, if not then you are the leader). Next we talked about the Nile and Egyptians. We looked at pictures of hieroglyphics on temples and talked about how papyrus is made. Then they drew or stamped their name in hieroglyphs on a papyrus bookmark. While talking about the Nile we discussed water pollution in Africa and looked at the SODIS method as well as making our own Bushcraft filter (muslin, charcoal, sand, grass, gravel). It did clear out a lot of the sediment but of

course it still would need to be boiled before drinking. Then we played Mancala. Next we talked about Kente cloth and its importance to African tribes. I showed a video of how the cloth is made and we made woven pouches. Some explorers were not interested in weaving so they made art using Adinkra symbols (symbols from Ghana that represent aphorisms like "strength", "wisdom", "love", etc. ). Then we played Pilolo (a traditional hide and find the stones game from Ghana) at the obstacle course. Lastly, we went to the creek and saw a crane fly larvae, ring-necked snake (harmless) and several minnows.


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