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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land Day 2

We started with Gratitude Circle and a game of Bibbity Bibbity Bop. Then they added watercolor to their Mixed Media Projects. Next, we went on a Scavenger hike for various local trees and plants (like Water Oak, White Oak, Virginia Creeper, Muscadine, etc). After snack and obstacle course, we discussed local wildlife and their homes while they painted their tangram puzzles from yesterday. Next, we looked at various local animal tracks and they played “Follow my Trail” where a couple campers made a trail to of feathers to follow and the others tried to find their trail and track it down. At lunch, we continued brainstorming a plot for their play. Then we went to the creek to cool off, explore and play. We saw two Northern Water Snakes (non-venomous) at the creek and some campers tried to catch fish or played with clay from the creek.


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