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Mountains in Clouds

June 20-24 Day 5

Today was the Middle East. We began with the game "Baduk and the Coin" (holding fists out in a circle a coin gets passed around and the person in center of circle gets 3 guesses to who has the coin). Then we traveled to Afghanistan to talk about a common symbol you would find all over the Middle East: the Hamsa (a symbol for peace and protection against evil). Then we looked at Mosques and listened to a "Call to Prayer" song so they could hear what it sounds like. Next they designed their own mosques and used oil pastels to make a sunset background. While working on their art, I talked about the Dead Sea. I showed them a demonstration with an egg in fresh water vs saltwater to help demonstrate how it is impossible to sink in the Dead Sea. Then we discussed osmosis power and a car powered by a salty electrolyte solution (Quant-e car). Then we had snack, rehearsed the play and went to obstacle course. Next we played Dreidel. After lunch, we rehearsed the play one final time before going to the creek.


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