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Mountains in Clouds

June 13-17 Day 2

Today was Australia so we started with two games: Cane Toads vs Inland Taipan vs Dingoes (each team picks an animal and "battles" the other team. Cane toads beat Dingoes with their toxic skin, Inland Taipan beats Cane Toads by eating them whole and Dingoes beat Inland Taipans with their quick bite) and Kookaburra (make up a bird call and with eyes closed they have to use their sense of hearing to find each other). Then we went to garden class in the greenhouse to fill trays with soil and plant a variety of seeds. They also helped pull out corn to feed to the goats. Next we went to the art studio to talk about the people and culture of Australia including the indigenous Aboriginals. We looked at examples of their cave art in Nawarla Gabarnmung as well as Dot art. They chose which art project to work on (animal cave art or dot art) and some were able to finish both. While working on their art I talked about why the oceans are important and how they help absorb heat and Co2. I did a demo with a balloon of air and balloon of water to show how much more heat water can absorb than air. Then we discussed the largest living structure on Earth (The Great Barrier Reef) and the bleaching that climate change is causing. We also watched a short video about scientists working to restore the reef. Then we talked about ocean acidification caused by greenhouse gases and ways to prevent it. I also did a demonstration of Co2 turning water acidic. During snack, they added more to their play and we went to obstacle course for awhile. Back at the art studio, they finished up their art projects and I talked about the wildlife of Australia in the surrounding ocean and on land. Then we ate lunch and went to the creek to cool off. After the creek, we colored boomerangs. Some practiced throwing them while others discussed the play or did archery during dismissal.


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