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Mountains in Clouds

July 4-8 Day 4

Today was North and Central America. We started with a game of Cornhole and Ulu Maika (from Hawaii).Then those that wanted to played a game of kickball since it originated in Ohio. For garden class, we talked about sunflower seeds and hung up some sunflower blossoms for the birds to pick at. Then for Panama we made felt molas depicting an animal or plant. Next we talked about the Grand Canyon and how it has formed. During snack, we continued to practice the play. Then we went to obstacle course for a few minutes. Afterwards we discussed a few spies of the American Revolution and made our own invisible ink letters/drawings. The lemon juice reveals the secret message once heated. We discussed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the Ocean Clean Up Project. Lastly, in honor of Hollywood we talked about how movies are a sequence of pictures that simulate movement. And those that wanted to made a flipbook. Then we ate lunch and went to the creek.


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