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Mountains in Clouds

Inside and Out Week 8 Day 1

Since it was rainy today I switched Monday and Tuesday schedule. After a get to know you game and Name Zombie Tag, we started exploring some of the human body systems (skeletal, nervous and muscular) and brainstorming how they function similar to systems within a city. They each got their own book to take home at the end of the week. After learning and identifying some major bones, they colored in the matching bones. Then after a discussion of the nervous system and a Reflex game, they had snacks and went to the obstacle course. We also looked at the muscular system and talked about the strongest muscle in our body. See if your camper remembers! They also started making a “Robot hand”. After lunch, we went to the creek and during dismissal some played archery, marble run, baseball or a guessing game called Black Magic.


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