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Mountains in Clouds

Inside and Out Day 5

Today’s topic was focused on the Unknown. We talked about all kinds of things in our world that we still don’t know about and need curious minds to investigate. Then they played “Who is it?” (write an interesting true fact about yourself and we will guess who that fact belongs to). They also were detectives solving the case of a missing painting. There were 6 stations (comparing a muddy shoe print to suspects’, suspect interviews, fingerprint dusting and comparison, ink chromatography, handwriting analysis and a hair comparison).Most of them correctly identified the thief using all the information they had collected. Then we had a snack and played at the obstacle course for a while. Afterwards, they had a choice to finish their robot hand, make a star cycle chatterbox or free draw. Then after lunch and the creek, they performed their play “Cereal before Milk”.


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