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Mountains in Clouds

Above and Below Week 7 Day 4

After Gratitude Circle, we started with a game of “A Great Wind Blows for Anyone Who…”.Then we discussed what causes wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, dust devils, monsoons. Then they played Charades and acted out one of the vocabulary terms we talked about for their team to guess. After snack, and obstacle course, they designed and built a puff mobile for our wind engineering challenge. The challenge was as follows: Using only the materials available (recycled cardboard, tape, straws or skewers, lifesavers, paper), build a puff mobile that can travel 4 feet in as few puffs as possible. First place was tied with one puff. Then we had lunch, went to the creek. Lastly, we rehearsed lines for their play. Reminder that they perform tomorrow at 2pm (same as pick up time).


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