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Mountains in Clouds

Above and Below Week 5 Day 1

We started the morning off with a Name Game. Then we discussed space rocks (what they are, where most of them are orbiting in our solar system, the different types, etc). Then we did a riddle hunt to find and label our What’s that Space Rock chart. Then we explored the largest and oldest Craters around the World. On the field, we played Ten Pin Meteorite Challenge (answering questions about space rocks in order to remove the other team's pins and knock the rest down). After the game, we had snack and played at the obstacle course. Then we explored the woods and creek. There were a lot of tiny frogs along the trail! Even with all the rain, the creek does not have any spots deeper than 2 ft. After lunch they made Meteorite Art (balloons filled with paint and an Alka Seltzer paint reaction that makes cool crater impact designs).Lastly, we discussed characters and ideas for their original play which they will perform Friday at 2pm.


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