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Mountains in Clouds

Above and Below Week 3 Day 4

After Gratitude Circle, we started with a game of “A Great Wind Blows for Anyone Who…” and “Bomb/Shield”. Then we discussed what causes wind, tornadoes, hurricanes, dust devils, monsoons. Then they played Charades/Pictionary with the vocabulary terms we talked about for their team to guess. After snack and obstacle course, they designed and built a puff mobile for our wind engineering challenge. The challenge was as follows: Using only the materials available (recycled cardboard, paper, tape, straws or skewers, lifesavers, plastic bags), build a puff mobile that can travel 4 feet in as few puffs as possible. I also pulled aside anyone who wanted to retry the AlkaSeltzer crater paint project. Then we had lunch and went to the creek. While there, some built a water beetle city and Liam found crawdad claws. Lastly, we rehearsed movements and lines for their play. Reminder that we perform tomorrow at 2pm (pick up time).


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