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Mountains in Clouds

Above and Below Week 3 Day 2

We began the morning with the Zombie Name Game and Gratitude Circle. Then we discussed the deepest parts of Earth to the highest point on Earth as well as the furthest reaches of space that we know about. We explored equipment and tools scientists use for exploration such as Atmospheric Diving Suits, Biomimetic robots, satellites and rockets. Then they each worked on making a foam rocket powered by a rubber band to launch. Then in teams, they used a protractor to record the angle of trajectory and figure out which angle provided the most distance for their rocket. Then we had a snack and went to the obstacle course. Next, we discussed telescopes and they made their own telescope with lenses from reading glasses. The image is upside down like a refracting telescope before mirrors were introduced. After lunch, we went to the creek.At the creek some of them built a kingdom, others caught water beetles, while others had a splash battle. Lastly, we played a couple improv games and added more to their original play.


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