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Mountains in Clouds

Above and Below Day 5

After a few games and Gratitude Circle, I asked them what they already know exists below us/underground naturally or man-made. Then I read the book “Street Beneath My Feet” and we looked at examples of things man has placed underground (water/waste pipes, storm drains, subways, mines, artifacts from ancient civilizations, and more). Then they conducted a mini archaeology dig in groups. They needed to carefully dig and clean with brushes tiny clues about a group of people that lived on the land. By analyzing their “artifacts” and discussing what they found, their group speculated what life was like for the people who lived there. Most agreed the artifacts were most likely from a Creek or Cherokee Native American village. Then we had a snack. After the obstacle course, we again looked at what exists below us but this time focusing on the natural world rather than man-made. So we looked at images of some amazing caves around the world, discussed aquifers, fossils and a few of the many creatures that live underground. Then for our last activity, they designed their own underground city. I emphasized that they needed to make sure to include a way for air circulation, water and waste management and possibly food production. But the rest was up to their imaginations. Then they ate lunch, explored the creek. Lastly, we practiced and they performed their original play titled “Pickles, Mickles and Trickles”.


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