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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 3 Day 5

After obstacle course and Gratitude Circle, we played a few team building/theatre games like "Mirror" and "Who is the Leader?" Then we did a dress rehearsal of their original play "The Land of Chaos". Afterwards, we hiked to the white house and learned about light and how rainbows form through refraction and reflection. After talking about the Electromagnetic Spectrum and focusing on Visible light, we also talked about how a rainbow occurs and how it is actually a circle not an arch (the semicircle is what we see because of the horizon). Then we went outside into smaller groups to try and refract sunlight with various tools (prisms, CDs, water and mirrors) The explorers were super excited when they got the right angle to refract sunlight into a rainbow. Then we made kaleidoscopes which reflect rather than refract light. Then we ate lunch and made nature imprints with clay. Afterwards we went to explore the forest and creek. We caught and observed water beetles, fish, dragonfly larvae and some strange centipede I will need to learn more about ;) At the end of the day, they performed their original play for family and friends.

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