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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 3 Day 1

After playing "Meet My Friend" to meet and learn about each other, I showed them the obstacle course and let each one have a go on it. Then we did some Organic Gardening with Ms. Melissa. We planted squash and protected them from the chickens. We also planted pumpkin seeds and as we found worms we fed them to the chickens! Afterwards, we hiked to the white house. Then we ate snack and created art inspired by microscopic images. We looked at various microscopic images on the monitor and through the microscope. We looked at a fly's foot, inside a grape, butterfly's wing, frog liver and many more! Then they chose one that inspired them and they created their own artwork from it. Afterwards, we ate lunch and went to explore and play in the woods and creek. Some explorers swung on the vine, others looked for special rocks, played in the creek clay or tried to make a dam. Then back at the white house we played Observation, Animal Party and Towhee Bird.

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