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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 2 Day 1

After playing "Meet My Friend" to meet and learn about each other, we did our first Gratitude Circle and some Organic Gardening with Ms. Melissa. We planted squash, pumpkins, spinach and melons. Then we watered garden beds and repotted some pumpkins that campers planted two weeks ago. Then we took a taste testing tour of the herbs and picked a carrot to wash off and eat. Afterwards, we hiked to the white house. We saw a fawn on the trail. Lucy left her carrot and leaves for the fawn to eat. Then we ate snack and got ready to hike to the creek. At the creek, some explorers swung on the vine, others caught water beetles and some mad a mud bog to play in! Then we went back to the white house to clean up and eat lunch. After lunch we created art inspired by microscopic images. We looked at various microscopic images on the monitor and through the microscope. Then they chose one that inspired them and they created their own artwork from it. Afterwards, we played Animal Party and Towhee Bird. Near the end of the day, we saw two black racer snakes (they are non-venomous). I also showed them the correct/safe way to use the obstacle course and let each of them have a go on it.

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