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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 2 Day 1

We started the day with a Name Game to learn each other's name. Then we went to the wood warrior obstacle course and those who wanted to went through the course once. While we were at the course, we found a box that had a note from the Forest Elves in it. It was asking us to become members of the Guardian Guild so we could help save the forest from the Winter King's spell that was put over the land. So we came up with Nature Names (mine was Light Rabbit), made a pledge to protect the forest and all its creatures. Then we learned the Guardian handshake and embarked on our first quest (to find Grandmother Tree putting together a map with clues). The Forest Elves told us only Grandmother Tree knows how to defeat the Winter King. So we made her favorite Tree Tea as a gift and took it to her. We had to identify and collect sweet gum leaves and seeds, virginia creeper leaves, muscadine (wild grape) leaves and white oak leaves to make the tea. Then we all helped mix them with magic water from the Forest Elves. We also had to add creek water. The recipe said once the creek water was added we had to stay 3 feet away from the tea or it would ruin it. The kids came up with the idea to use the board and string to carry the tea to Grandmother tree. Then we left the tea and will return in the morning to see if Grandmother Tree has responded to our plea for help.

Then we learned about mycelium and the "wood wide web" (how the forest is communicating and sharing nutrients via a network of roots and mycelium under our feet all the time.) Then I showed them Ecovative's mycelium material that is sold as a biodegradable alternative to styrofoam packaging. You should check it out!....

We mixed flour, ground corn husks and water with the mycelium and wood chips. Then we used bowls and cookie cutters to form the material. It will take a few days to grow but should be ready by Friday to take home. Then we washed our hands, ate lunch and went to explore the creek. Most Guardians played with creek clay while a few others tried to catch water beetles.

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