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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 1 Day 5

After Gratitude Circle, we ran thru our play one time with all the costumes and props. Then we hiked to the white house for a lesson on plant adaptations. We talked about and looked at examples of how plants have adapted to survive in their environment. For example, many plants in the Tundra have acquired adaptations to help them stay warm like growing low to the ground and having fuzzy stems. After covering each biome(Tundra, Grassland, Temperate Forest, Rainforest and Desert) and examples of how the plant/trees have adapted to each location, the explorers designed and created their own plant/tree. They had to randomly choose a card that had one of the biomes on it and design/draw a plant that would be able to survive there. They had to be able to tell me how their plant would protect itself and gather nutrients in the selected biome. Then they named their plant. Afterwards, they played a card game I created called "Survivor Plants" They had to collect certain plant adaptations to survive in their biome. There are "wild cards", "nope cards" and the coveted "grow card" to make it interesting and strategic.

Since this group was able to prepare for their play rather quickly, I gave them some ''free maker time". That's what I call it when I let them use any of my materials to create anything they want. Some built bracelets or shapes with straws, others finger knitted, others designed and drew magical objects and portraits of each other or had a paper airplane contest. Then we ate lunch and headed to the creek. After creek time, we practiced the play one last time before performing it for family and friends.

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