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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 1 Day 4

After Gratitude Circle, we went to Grandmother Tree to see if we had any more pieces of the Great Map or clues to help us get the Beaver King's Flute and defeat The Winter King. We got a note from GT telling us we helped save Beatrice Bird's life and she gave us the Southern part of the Great Map. We also got a bag from Beatrice Bird with 3 coded scrolls to help us on our quest. The Guardians broke off into 3 teams to decode the messages. The messages from Beatrice told us that the last piece of the West is guarded by the Earth/Soil spirits and we would need to create an original song for the Earth. We were given instruments(a kalimba, dulcimer, drum, maracas and tambourine) and the message told us to say what we are grateful for on Earth during the song. We went back to our gratitude circle with thankful thoughts in our hearts. We passed the instruments around the circle as we took turns saying what we love about Earth. Then we worked on our play for awhile before getting ready to hike to the white house.

Today's lesson was on light and how rainbows form through refraction and reflection. After talking about the Electromagnetic Spectrum and focusing on Visible light, we also talked about how a rainbow occurs and how it is actually a circle not an arch (the semicircle is what we see because of the horizon). Then we went outside into smaller groups to try and refract sunlight with various tools (prisms, CDs, water and mirrors) The explorers were super excited when they got the right angle to refract sunlight into a rainbow. Then we ate lunch and went to explore the forest and creek.

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