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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky July Day 5

First we played Fire Protector (one kid is blindfolded and listens for anyone trying to sneak up and take their sticks). Then we hiked to the schoolhouse and did gratitude circle. We observed and recorded our particulate matter air pollution experiment. Most kids hypothesized that the parking lot would have the most particulate matter which it did. We drew our observations and recorded the results on a bar graph. Then we learned about our last 3 local birds (Field Sparrow, House Finch and Rufous-sided Towhee) and played Bird Bingo with pictures of all the birds we learned about this week. Next we played some of the kids' favorite games (Old Winter and Hitchhiker). Then some kids chose to make sundials while others accepted the LCROSS challenge (based on NASA's LCROSS mission) and started building their prototypes. The LCROSS challenge was to build a spacecraft prototype that could carry a marble and release it to hit a target in the fewest tries possible. In real life NASA scientists created a spacecraft that was able to hit a target on the moon and created a cloud of dust which they examined for evidence of water. Then we ate lunch and went to play and explore the forest and creek. While there, two of the kids found another piece of ancient pottery! This creek had Creek and Cherokee Indians living nearby it hundreds of years ago. This is the fifth piece we've found this summer!!!

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