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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky July Day 3

We started with more archery practice and played Predator vs. Prey. Then we went to the field next to the greenhouse to play Life Cycle of a Star. Afterwards, we hiked to the schoolhouse and did our gratitude circle. Many were thankful for their family, friends and homes. Next we learned the prefixes and suffixes for describing clouds (Cirro, Cumulus, Nimbus, Alto, Stratus, etc) and played Cloud Pictionary in teams. We voted on which play to perform and majority ruled "How the Hare Saved the Sun". Then during snack time, we learned about a few more local birds such as the Northern Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird, Downy woodpecker, Blue Jay and Red-winged Blackbird . We decorated our bird feeders, added some seeds and hung them on the porch. They will bring them home Friday with a bag of bird seed. Then we used the sun to make our art prints. We went on a little hike to collect natural items and laid them on our sun paper to create a print. Afterwards, we made rubberband-powered helicopters, ate lunch and hiked to the shoals. Some kids made mini rafts out of sticks and string to race, while others made mud cupcakes or tried to catch minnows. On our way back to the schoolhouse I turned on the sprinkler for those who wanted to run through it.

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