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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky July Day 1

We started the week off with a game of Flower and the Bees, Oh Deer! and a silly name game to learn each other's names. Then we hiked to the schoolhouse. We talked about how clouds form and made our own cloud in a jar to demonstrate their formation. Then we hiked to the creek. We usually go to the creek after lunch but several weather forecasts were predicting afternoon rain so we went early in the morning. Then we had snack and played Leader of the Pack and Eagle Eye. We also talked about how/why tornadoes form and looked at some tornado-proof architecture. Then I challenged them to design and build their own tornado-proof home from paper, tape and 4 jenga blocks. They had to keep their paper person safe for 10 seconds on the highest setting of the fan. First they did some brainstorming in their journals, then built them and tested them out. We only had two paper people casualties (which went flying through the air) so they did pretty good! Then we talked about why wind occurs (cooler air replaces rising warm air) and made some wind art. They didn't have any brushes...only straws to blow with and painted with their breath. Some of the results were stunning! On our last hike, we played Elephant, Bunny, Fish and then picked and ate wild blackberries. Lastly, we did the "laser maze" and played some more Eagle Eye before dismissal.

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