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Mountains in Clouds

Wonderful Water July Day 2

We began the day with some archery practice and "laser maze" (string maze with bells). Some were able to make it through the maze without ringing any bells! Then we hiked to the schoolhouse and made the second ocean zone page for our flip book. We talked about the hatchet fish, lantern fish, viper fish, mid-water jellyfish and rat tail fish that live in the Twilight zone and added them to our book. Then we discussed the water cycle and made mini water cycle models to take home. I will be sending all our projects home on Friday. The models are ziploc bags with the water cycle drawn on the front. They need to hang in a sunny window with water in them to watch the evaporation and condensation occur. Then we went out side to play a Water Cycle Game. The kids were on two teams and each team member was a part of the water cycle (Precipitation, Run off and Percolation, Evaporation or Condensation). They had to pass the water molecule ball to each member of their team to complete as many cycles as they could in 5 minutes. We kept score with each cycle being 1 point. Then we switched teams. It got pretty hot even though we were in the shade so after a couple rounds, we went inside to illustrate our favorite part from the story "Walter the Water Molecule's Journey". The pics I've included show when Walter fell on a leaf as he was a raindrop and when he got blown into the air from a whale's blowhole. Sophia even decided to keep Walter's journey going by writing the sequel where he travels as part of a cloud towards Europe. Then we performed The Dance for Water and headed to the creek. Some kids caught minnows and dragonfly nymphs, others swung on the vine and others made a harbor for their mini rafts.

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