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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land July Day 5

We started with a game of Fire Protector (one kid is protecting his pile of sticks for a fire through the winter and is sitting by his "fire" blindfolded while all other kids try to sneak up and take a stick without being heard). Then we hiked to the greenhouse to plant lettuce and carrot seeds. We found a green horned caterpillar and fed it to the chickens. Then we hiked to the schoolhouse and recorded the results for our Biodegradable experiment. We concluded that organic matter decomposes faster than man-made materials. Did you know a glass jar can take 1 million years to break down?!? We played Scientists Observe and Animal Party. After snack, we performed "Meadow Dandelion" and played a couple rounds of Flowers and the Bees. Then we discussed Seed Dispersal and all the ways seeds travel. Then in teams we built seed dispersal prototypes. We held them in front of the fan on the highest setting and recorded how far they traveled and calculated the average distance. The farthest was an average of 109 inches and was a parachute inspired design. After lunch, we went to the creek. The girls made clay "surprise balls" with special rocks inside them. Some boys looked for minnows and bugs to catch while others played with the beach ball. We found a dragonfly nymph and some old pottery! Then after pick up, we had a parent tour and said our goodbyes.

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