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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land July Day 4

To start the day, we practiced archery and played Predator vs. Prey. Then we made sensory maps of Little Rose. Sensory mapping includes all your senses. However, we only put one thing on our map for taste: blueberries. Then we learned about American Holly and White Oak trees. We did a leaf rubbing of the White Oak. After snack, we finished our plant mandala art and learned about where and why earthquakes occur. Then we took a hike to collect materials for building a seismometer. While in the woods, we played Lorax and the Onclers. Then, in teams, we built our seismometers. Once built, we used clay bricks we made from the creek clay to create a little model village. Then we caused an earthquake (shaking the table) and recorded it with our seismometers. After lunch, we went to the creek. We saw an Eastern Kingsnake on the way there and back. We only observed it from a distance.

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