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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land July Day 3

We began with more archery practice, a game of Flower and the Bees and Sneaky Animals. Then we hiked to the greenhouse for some Gardening 101. We helped clear out some weeds from the tomato and radish beds. Then we planted some baby radishes. We also picked and ate blueberries. A few kids tried to feed the chickens blueberries. Then we hiked to the schoolhouse. We discussed and learned about some of the common bugs we might see at Little Rose (pillbug, field cricket, katydid, water strider, firefly and boxelder). Then we started a nature mandala art project. You can see some of our progress in the pictures from today. We also played a game called Animal Party (the guests act like a specific animal and the Host has to guess what animal they are). Then after lunch, we went to the shoals part of the creek. On our way back to the schoolhouse, we ran through the sprinkler to cool off.

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