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Mountains in Clouds

Day 7 (Europe Part 2)

We started with a game of Croquet out on the lawn, went to Bremen in Germany for a play of The Bremen Town Musicians and talked about Gutenberg's contribution to the Printing Press (innovation in the type casting). Then we made our own block prints. Then we visited Finland and discussed some of their crazy sporting events like boot throwing, wife carrying and air guitar championships. We had a snack from the Netherlands called Hagelslag...with honey made by the bees of Little Rose!!! We then "traveled" to Russia (which has the most trees per country due to its massive land mass) and discovered we can tell how old a tree is and the climate history of a region by examining the tree's rings. We also talked about Russia's Space Program and their many accomplishments. Lastly, we went to Belgium where Georges Lemaitre (a Catholic Priest and professor of physics) proposed the Big Bang Theory. We studied the Theory for awhile and then made some Big Bang art to help us remember the main points. As with all the cultural traditions and theories we talk about I make sure to emphasize to the kids that there are many ideas in this world and it is important to be exposed to all of them so you can find your truth to live by and cultivate a respect for other’s beliefs as well. At the creek we found a small fish which we caught and released as well as a craw fish.

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