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Mountains in Clouds

Day 6 (Europe Part 1)

We started the day with a game of Petanque or Bocce Ball. Then we studied the different types of Greek Urns and made observations of how most urns show a picture of their gods/goddesses, a scene from an epic story such as the Iliad or Odyssey, or a part of their everyday life (like washing clothes or picking olives). Then we designed our own black-figure greek urns that depicted a part of our modern life. Then we watched a short video of the Greek myth Icarus and Daedulus and played a version of Icarus vs. the sun tag. Then we went to Italy for the Italian Renaissance and Leonardo Da Vinci. We looked at some of his inventions (including his catapult design in model form) and designed our own catapults. Then we took them outside to launch mud balls. We had Gazpacho for snack and put on the play The Four Brothers from Spain.We also explored wind power and examined a model that lights up when the blades turn fast enough. We looked at some engineering solutions to fix the Tower of Pisa and did our own engineering challenge (build the tallest free standing tower with a limited amount of clay and toothpicks). Then we went to the creek for awhile and lastly played La Tomatina Dodge Ball.

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