Mountains in Clouds
Mountains in Clouds

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Day 5 (Middle East)

Today we went on a quest to find the Hamsa (a common Middle Eastern symbol used for protection) to defeat the "dark energy" (pollution, deforestation, etc) from harming Little Rose Nature School's forest. We also explored the Muslim story of Ka'aba in Mecca and why Muslims pray towards Mecca. We also discussed what a mosque is, heard a Call to Prayer and designed our own mosque silhouettes. We also went to the Dead Sea and learned why it is impossible to sink there. We then talked about scientists (from Switzerland and US) who have made an osmotic power generator to power houses and played with our very own salt powered cars (the salt water allows the movement of the free magnesium electrons to create a current through the wire). On our way to the creek we saw a box turtle and in the creek we found little minnows.