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Mountains in Clouds

Ocean Acidification Demonstration...

During our visit to Australia we discuss the causes and results of Ocean Acidification. This will be demonstrated by visual images and a chemistry lesson related to the ph chart (the colors corresponding to acid, neutral or base) and observing the reaction as carbon dioxide from my breath changes the ph of water from green (neutral) to yellow (acidic). This is exactly what is occurring in our oceans. As more CO2 is absorbed by the ocean and plankton it becomes more acidic and effects the ocean food chain and coral reef survival. Below is pics of me testing out the demonstration. The green water is just water and ph solution and then I blow into the straw to add CO2 which turns the water yellow (acidic). I think I will add more drops to make the colors darker. This is followed by Whale Jenga (how ocean acidification affects the web chain). As always, we discuss solutions/things we can do to help change this environmental issue.

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