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Mountains in Clouds

Session 2 July 1

After Gratitude Circle, we wrote some more of the play and practiced where to enter/exit and what they will say for their play.

Then at gardening with Ms. Melissa, they learned about sunfower seeds and helped harvest sunflower plants to feet to the goats. They picked the flowers they thought were pretty enough will go to a local flower shop. Then the pulled out all the old sunflowers and planted baby sunflower plants.

After gardening, they washed their hands and ate snack. Then we began discussing the topic for today: all the different ways we use plants. For thousands of years, from medicine to paper and on and on, humans have used plants to help them survive and prosper. Then in teams, they worked together to match an item with the plant used to make it. When their team got a correct answer, they got to move on the Connect Four board against the other team. Some examples were: Echinacea for snake bites, bamboo for furniture, cotton for a baseball hat and many more.

After the game, some explorers chose to make a bamboo puppet.Others went on the obstacle course, did archery or played Hoop and Pole.

After lunch, they played at the creek. We saw some dragonflies, minnows, water beetles and a fish nest! The picture below of a pile of rocks is the creek is a nest made by small fish that lay their eggs in the rocks to protect them. There were boat racing competetions, creating with natural clay from the creek and a splat game!

Lastly, we played Kookabird and Night at the Museum. Tomorrow we will need to get to a medicinal plant game we didn't have time for today and continue to practice their original play (written by all of them) to be performed tomorrow.


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