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Mountains in Clouds

Session 1 June 23

We started the morning with Gratitude Circle where we shared something we are thankful for. We reviewed the major causes for endangered species (H.I.P.P.O). After discussing invasive species, we went on a Scavenger hunt for Invasive and Native plants. They successfully found all the invasive (ex: creeping charlie, wisteria, japanese honeysuckle, chinese privet) and native (ex: ebony spleenwort, muscadine, virginia creeper, dandelion) plants needed for the codebook.

Then they put the clues from yesterday together to make the next riddle symbol which was for the bird area on the map. We found the missing information for our Animal Classification book and learned about the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, which is an endangered bird in Georgia. They needed this information in order to understand the game. There were toilet paper rolls painted and labeled as Old Pine, Young Pine, Water, Ants, Wood beetle, etc. These were different resources the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker needs in order to survive. The exploreres needed to knock down and collect a certain amount of these resources to win. The hardest tube to hit was the "Mate". There were only 3 since they are endangered and it would be difficult to find a mate. It was a close game but after one team was victorious, they read the clues to open a puzzle box which had the symbol to the next station.

After snack, we hiked to the fish area on the map, learned about Georgia endangered fish and placed a picture of them on a river map of Georgia according to information about them. The reward was a clue for which direction to head and a U.V. flashlight that they used to find secret arrows through the forest. The arrows (which could only be seen with the U.V. light) led to the next symbol for the day (Mammals). After a hike back, each explorer recieved an endangered mammal to act out and everyone else guessed what their mammal was. Once their animal was guessed correctly, they each got a puzzle piece.

Once put together, the puzzle showed the Reptile symbol. But it was lunch time so we will start the Reptile Challenge tomorrow.

During lunch, they began writing their original play for Friday. At the creek, some explorers built a water beetle sanctuary while others played Wolf vs. Cat clan. They found a crayfish to observe as well. At the end of the day, we started practicing scenes and lines for the play and will finish the ending tomorrow.


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