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Mountains in Clouds

July 4- 8 Day 3

Today was South America. We started with a game of Oba (leader catches the balloon a certain way and then partner has to copy them) and Luta De Galo/"Fight of the Rooster" (try to grab your partner's handkerchief with one arm crossed and hopping on one foot). Then at the art studio some explorers put their final details on the week long Batik project while we talked about The Amazon Rainforest and it's amazing biodiversity. We looked at some of the spectacular animals of the rainforest and then played a guessing game (I played a sound of an animal and they guessed which animal it was). The gorilla, jaguar and howler monkey were too easy for them. But the Poison Dart Frog and Cicada were a bit tougher. Then we discussed deforestation: why it occurs, what we can do to help (T.R.E.E.S = Teach others, Restore damage, Encourage others to not harm environment, Establish parks, Support companies that are environmentally conscious). Then we made recycled paper with carrot seeds mixed in to make it seed paper. During snack, we worked more on the play and went to the obstacle course. Then we discussed the Moai statues of Easter Island and Machu Picchu. We also talked about how ancient rainsticks were made and their purpose (used in ceremonies to call forth the rain) and made our own version of one to decorate. After lunch, we went to explore and play at the creek.


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