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Mountains in Clouds

Inside and Out Week 6 Day 4

After a couple games and Gratitude Circle, we finished their Body Systems book with the Immune System. Then we played an Immune System Game similar to chess but life size, moving on a grid in the field with B cells and Killer T cells versus Virus and Bacteria. Different body events also affected the game, like “I decided to stop taking my antibiotics even though the doctor said to finish the whole bottle. Any bacteria who are out of the game may re-enter on any available square only on the edges”. After snack and obstacle course we discussed all kinds of cycles in nature (from the life cycle of a strawberry plant to the various cycles of a star). Then they also used information learned about the cycle of stars to solve codes that gave them puzzle pieces needed to open a lock to the treasure box. Then we went to lunch, creek and practiced their play.


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