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Mountains in Clouds

Inside and Out Day 1

We began with a Name game to get to know each other and Gratitude Circle. Today’s topic was focused on Animal Senses and how/why they are different from ours. Which creature do you think has the best sense of sight that we know of so far? See if your camper remembers! We discussed animals that have incredible eyesight and played the game “Eagle Eye” (similar to hide and seek but seeker can't move and has to use keen eyesight to spot hiders). Then we discussed creatures with an amazing sense of smell and played a smell tracking game that led us to a treasure. After discussing creatures with a sensitive sense of taste, we used our found treasure (Smoothie Skittles) to conduct a blind taste test game. Then we had snacks and went to the obstacle course. Next, we focused on creatures with the super sense of hearing and tested our own hearing in a game of “Firesticks” (try to sneak up and take a stick without the Fireprotector hearing you). Then we discussed creatures with a heightened sense of touch and tested out sensory skills with a Mystery Box (try to guess what object you are holding in the mystery box using only your sense of touch). Lastly, we talked about senses that some animals have that we don’t (magnetoreception, electroreception and seeing UV light). Then we made some UV paint artwork that shows a hidden image only revealed when using a UV flashlight pen which each camper gets to keep. Afterwards, we had lunch, went to the creek and started to write their original play to be performed Friday at 2pm.


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