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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 3 Day 5

After Gratitude Circle, we went to GT to see what new clues or map pieces she might have left for us. We got the last piece of the Great Map! We also got the key to the West. It didn't have any markings on it like the other keys. When we put the Great Map together it had a riddle in the middle which we had to solve to know where to go for the Beaver King's Flute. After hiking and searching we located a huge Treasure Chest with a lock on it. The Guardian Guild had to figure out how to open the lock to get to the Beaver King's Flute. the discovered that each key had markings that created code for the lock. To our surprise, in addition to a large Beaver King's Flute there were also small Beaver Flutes for each Guardian to play and lift the Winter King's spell. I played the larger Beaver King's Flute with them and we lifted the Winter King's spell and restored balance to nature.

Then we hiked to the classroom and learned about rocks. We talked and looked at examples of how rocks form (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary). Then we took turns acting out and guessing which type rock was being formed in a game of charades. We also looked at how to identify common rocks and discussed their modern as well as ancient uses. They were surprised when I made sparks from flint stone. Then in teams they had to match each rock we learned about with clues to see how well they could identify them. Afterwards, we ate lunch. Then we made kindness rocks (creek rocks painted with a positive message like "Be Happy" that you hide somewhere for someone else to find and keep). They took their rocks home to hide somewhere (like a park) for another person to find and keep. Then we went to the "vine" creek to explore and play. Several explorers searched for some of the rocks we had just learned about. Lucy fed a tadpole to a salamander!

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