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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 3 Day 2

Today we started with a gratitude circle where we go around the circle and each say something we are grateful for. Then we chose Guardian names and learned the secret Guardian handshake. Afterwards, we went to Grandmother Tree to see if she left us a response. We got a letter from her explaining that the only way to defeat the Winter King is to play a special flute carved by the Beaver King which will wake up the Summer Spirits and lift the spell he placed on the land. She said we need to collect all four parts of the Great Map to find where the Beaver King keeps his flute. She gave us the first part of the map which was the East and she told us she knew of one other part in the North guarded by the Gnomes. We had to follow mushroom signs to find the Gnome Village. While there, we couldn't find the Northern piece of the Great Map but we fixed their bridge, swept out their houses, fixed roofs, cleared their trails, washed and hung their little clothes and even planted some seeds in their garden box. We didn't find the Northern part of the map but are hoping by helping them they will help us tomorrow. Then we went to explore and play at the creek. Some explorers tried catching water beetles, others tried to build a dam and others simply went looking for rocks and wildlife. We saw the same little watersnake we see every week hiding under his rock. Then we hiked back to the classroom for lunch and a lesson about the worker bees' life cycle. We talked about the different jobs bees have throughout their life and acted out the jobs of a bee as they grow older in life. First, a bee is a Cleaner (cleaning the hive) when 1-2 Days old, then a Nurse (taking care of larvae), then an Architect (building and maintaining the hive), then a Guard (fighting off predators), then a Forager (searching and bringing nectar back to the hive to turn into honey) and a Queen's attendant (keeping the Queen cool and happy). We also talked about why bees are so important to humans and our planet. Afterwards, we used bees wax to make candles. They had one cup of melted wax and one cup of cold water and dipped back and forth until their candle was as thick as they wanted. Afterwards, Eli wanted to see if he could make a design dropping the wax into cold water. What he made ended up looking like a futuristic city! Lastly, we wrote a couple more scenes for our original play titled " Book of Darkness: Part 2". Since we have several kiddos from last week we are doing a sequel to the play from last week and including new campers into the plotline.

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