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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 2 Day 5

After archery and running the obstacle course, we did Gratitude Circle. Then we practiced our original play and hiked up to the white house and had snack while learning about Rube Goldberg and some of his funny machines he drew. We also looked at examples of simple machines (lever, pulley, inclined plane, screw, wheel and axle). Then the explorers challenged themselves to create a "Rube Goldberg Machine" that included at least 3 simple machines and 5 steps with the end goal of getting a marble in a container. Some wanted to work on their own and others worked as a team. So they split into groups to build individual parts that we would later put all together into one large machine.Then they got to work building. We ended up with the following: a stone was dropped onto a wheel and axle that turned the wheel and dropped the stone onto a lever and fulcrum which pushed an inclined plane up (to a steeper position) so the marble would roll down more inclined planes until dropping into the final container with jingle bells (just for fun)! Then we ate lunch and went to explore and play in the woods and creek. At the creek we saw a little water snake peeking out from under the rocks. Can you find him in the picture below? At the end of the day, we performed our original play "The Book of Darkness" for family and friends.

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