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Mountains in Clouds

Guardian Guild Session 2 Day 5

After Gratitude Circle, we went to GT to see what new clues or map pieces she might have left for us. We got the last piece of the Great Map! We also got the key to the West. It didn't have any markings on it like the other keys. When we put the Great Map together it had a riddle in the middle which we had to solve to know where to go for the Beaver King's Flute. After hiking and searching we located a huge Treasure Chest with a lock on it. The Guardian Guild had to figure out how to open the lock to get to the Beaver King's Flute. After a couple tries they got it and to our surprise there was a small Beaver Flute for each Guardian to play and lift the Winter King's spell. I played the larger Beaver King's Flute with them and we lifted the Winter King's spell and restored balance to nature.

Then we hiked to the white house. A fawn jumped across the trail in front of us and kept a close eye on us. Can you see her in the picture?

Since it was 60% chance of thunderstorms later in the day, we went to the creek while it wasn't raining. Some explorers swung on the vine, others played "splatball" and we got some creek clay to take with us for nature necklaces. Back at the house, we took leaves and other natural objects and pressed them into the clay to make pendants for necklaces. A few of us made clay beads too. Then we washed up and ate lunch. After lunch the sun was shining!!! So I let them vote if they wanted to do a lesson on light refraction and creating rainbows or learn about wildlife in the rainforest and make a wildlife book. They voted for the rainforest book so we talked about different animals in each part of the forest (from the forest floor to the top emergent layer). They picked their favorites to draw or paste into their books with a little paragraph about that animal. Then we headed over to Gratitude Circle to perform their original play "The Pet Shop" for family and friends.

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