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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 1 Day 3

After some archery practice and running the obstacle course, we gathered for Gratitude Circle. Then we played some more team building and drama games to strengthen awareness, concentration and creativity. Then we finished writing our play and added blocking (entering, exiting, movement on stage). I'm not going to go into detail about the play since it will be a surprise for family and friends on Friday. Then we hiked to the white house and learned about local animals. We talked about common wild animals and their tracks that can be seen throughout Northern Georgia. Some included wild turkey, racoon, white-tailed deer,grey squirrel, red fox, worm snake, king snake, copperhead, coral snake, water snake. We focused on snakes a lot because for our art activity we wet felted snakes with sheep's wool. Wet felting is a process of combining layers of wool with warm water and soap to create felt. Then we ate lunch and explored the woods and creek. Some explorers caught water beetles to make a water beetle city (which we set free before we left). Others played "Harry Potter" with wands and spells. The main nature encounter for the day was a Brown Thrasher that flew into the white house. We finally got him back outside after opening all the doors and telling him to go home! LOL

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