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Mountains in Clouds

Wild World Session 1 Day 2

Before Gratitude Circle, we practiced our archery skills. Then we played several team building and drama games to get us in a creative mood and start writing our play together. We played awareness and focus games like Old Winter, Whoosh and Group Story. Then we started picking characters and creating an outline for the plot. After that, we went to the white house and learned about electricity in nature. We did a simple demonstration to learn about atoms and how electricity is the movement of electrons between atoms. Explorers were given labels of Proton, Neutron and Electron and had to form an atom. Then when heat/friction was added, the electrons had to find a new nucleus to join. Then we learned about different creatures in nature that use electricity (such as the echidna, platypus, electric ray, gecko, bees, humans and ofcourse electric eel). Then we looked at the basics of a circuit and the difference between closed circuit and open circuit. We did some experimenting with different objects to see if they were conductors or insulators. Then we practiced making a closed circuit with Chibitronics lights, copper tape and lithium batteries. We got super involved in this activity and I forgot to take pictures! Explorers took their creations home so I didn't document them either! Then we ate lunch and explored the woods and creek. We saw a water snake on the shoals. We never got close out of respect

and it stayed in the same spot. Some explorers found rivercane wands and played while others built islands and "rivers" in a sand bar.

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