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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky June Day 5

We began the morning with Sneaky Animals and a hike to the schoolhouse. Then we did gratitude circle and recorded our air pollution results. We drew our observations and made a bar graph to illustrate our data. We concluded that the parking lot had the most particulate matter. We even saw some soot! Then we played "Keeping our Air Clean" (a capture the flag style game). Once divided into two teams, they tried to get a Problem card (with a common way air is polluted) into the other team's Air bucket while also getting the correct Solution card to keep their own team's Air as clean as possible. After playing a few rounds, we went inside to learn our last three native birds: the House Finch, Rufous-sided Towhee and Field Sparrow. Then we played Bird Bingo and got really good at identifying each bird by the last round. After snack, we took a hike to identify and collect plants for our sun art. We set out our sun art and got ready for the creek. On the way to the shoals, we visited the bunnies, guinea hens, chickens and picked blueberries to snack on. At the creek, some kids searched for special rocks, others ran their clay shop while others searched for wildlife. Once we got back to the schoolhouse, we talked about what a star is made of and what constellations are. Then we made a constellation book. For the last few minutes the kiddos really wanted to play hide and seek. Then we met up with all their parents and guardians to give a tour of the garden, farm, greenhouse and schoolhouse.

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