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Mountains in Clouds

Super Sky June Day 4

This morning it started raining and we had severe thunderstorm warnings for all of camp! So we didn't get to go to the creek :( or hiking. However, we made sundials (to test out tomorrow when the sun returns!). We also did some more Bird Study. We learned about the Pine Warbler, Carolina Wren and Mockingbird. We also learned about NASA's LCROSS mission (NASA launched a robotic spacecraft at the moon to send up a cloud of dust which they could study for ice crystals and find evidence of water having existed on the moon). They had to hit an exact target with the spacecraft. So we had our own engineering challenge to build a "spacecraft" that could release a marble onto a target within the least amount of tries. After building together in teams or on their own, they shared their prototypes and all of them got the marble on the target by the second try! We also did the play "Why the Sky is so High" on the porch (it was still pouring and lightening). It is an Indian folktale about a little old lady who keeps sweeping her hut so much that the whole village is coughing and even the Sky coughs and tries to get as high as it can from her. We also played "Fire Protector" (one kid is blindfolded and protecting their wood for the winter while all the others try to sneak up and take a stick without being heard). Then we played Animal Party (an acting game where guests are animals and the host has to guess what animal by the way they act and clues they give) and Nature Pictionary.

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