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Mountains in Clouds

Wonderful Water June Day 5

We began the morning with a game called "Sneaky Animals" where one kid has a nest of "eggs" and the others try to sneak up and get an egg back across the start line without getting caught.

After hiking to the schoolhouse, we checked our Solar Still (a hole in ground with moss around a cup, covered with plastic wrap so the water from the moss evaporates, collects on the plastic and falls down into the cup).It had enough fresh water for a few of us to try. Then we talked about why oceans are saltier than rivers or lakes and whether a freshwater fish could live in the ocean. Then we finished our Suminagashi (floating ink) art project. We also talked about oil spills and how devastating they can be for the environment and wildlife. Then we made oil pastel/watercolor art. We also completed the Bridge Challenge (using only 12 straws and tape build a bridge strong enough to hold the weight of 100 pennies for 10 seconds). Almost all the bridges were able to complete the challenge! Then we talked about how water gets to and from our house and how ancient civilizations like the Romans used aqueducts to transport water over long distances. Then we took pool noodles cut in half to the creek to make our own version of an aqueduct. We also experimented and played with the extra pieces...some as boats transporting mud. Some kids also worked on making a larger raft for a single rider. They used logs and Muscadine vine to tie the logs together. It floated but needed deeper water to work even better. On our final hike we visited our Froggy Friends one last time in the Frog Zone and said goodbye.

After camp, we invited parents on a tour of the farm and schoolhouse. Now it's time to get ready for Super Sky week starting Monday!!!

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