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Mountains in Clouds

Lovely Land June Day 2

We started today with secret agent forest training! Hah! There was a "laser maze" made of string with bells tied to it and we set a goal of no more than 3 bell rings. Most made it through with only 1 or 2 bells jingling! We had our gratitude circle and played a name game icebreaker with funny motions. Then we talked about caves, stalactites, stalagmites and columns and started growing our own stalactite. Then we looked at different animals we may encounter at Little Rose and their tracks. In two teams we made tracks that the other team had to guess the animal for. Then we played Guardians of the Path (where two kids leave a trail of cut fabric and two other kids are trackers who find and follow the trail and all other kids hide as Guardians to help keep the Trackers on the right path). Then we went to plant apple trees with Ms. Melissa and toured the greenhouse and chicken coop. We even got to eat fresh carrots from the garden as snack! We voted to work on our nest some more, explore a part of the creek and then made some leaf rubbings for identifying Sweet Gum Trees, Eastern Red Cedar Trees and Virginia Creeper. Lastly, we played Elephant, Bunny, Fish.

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